ECRA Member Jasmin Niess:

"I am passionate about understanding and designing inclusive technologies for health and wellbeing."

I believe that well-designed technologies can make us healthier and improve our wellbeing. However, to achieve that there is a need to build an in-depth understanding of user needs, the social environment and contextual factors of the technologies that can potentially affect our lives. This way we can create positive experiences, which help us live more fulfilling lives.

In my work, I focus on designing health and wellbeing technologies for vulnerable populations. Health technologies have become an important part of how we take care of ourselves. For example, many of us already use mobile applications to manage stress or to get fitter. However, users often find it difficult to use such technologies in the long term and their needs are often insufficiently addressed. Exploring diverse needs is necessary to design meaningful artefacts or policies that can have a long-term positive impact. To that end, I explore questions about how novel interaction concepts can support people in their everyday lives and, thereby, positively influence the wellbeing of society. More precisely, I research how novel technologies (e.g. virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence) can promote holistic health, i.e. mental, physical and social wellbeing.


Dr. Jasmin Niess

University Bremen

Human-Computer Interaction

Bibliotheksstr. 5

28359 Bremen, Deutschland

Phone: +49 (0)421 218-63594


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