Research Cluster 3: "Evaluation"

Research Cluster 3 "Evaluation" develops a systematic and cross-paradigm approach to identify and answer evaluation questions. Evaluation methods range from social and cultural anthropology to causal statistical modeling. One of the topics explored in this cluster is the development of an economic framework for evaluating new digital public health interventions. By comparing the health economic perspectives of welfare policy makers and non-school social partners, the benefits of digital approaches to private and public health will be identified.

Research Cluster 3 will provide strategies for evaluating digital public health interventions that address different levels of society and making the results available in a comprehensive framework. To measure the success of digital public health interventions, the cluster will identify relevant short- and long-term outcomes (physical, mental, social, economic, and environmental) to represent public health improvement. Part of this work also involves exploring and applying new study designs and methods that take into account the iterative nature of digital public health interventions and continuous data collection. In addition, the cluster is exploring factors that support or hinder successful implementation of digital interventions. Considering ways to bridge the digital divide, the research cluster is working on inclusive digital public health intervention designs that take into account the perspective of intervention recipients and help understand their specific needs, with the goal of developing needs-based interventions that also reduce health inequities. Finally, the cluster aims to provide recommendations for developers, users, researchers, and policymakers alike to guide future evaluation of digital public health interventions.

The cluster will pursue these goals by planning and conducting various types of scientific studies, including systematic reviews and primary data collection, both qualitative and quantitative, as well as newly developed methods. It will develop selected use cases as these are considered adequate methods for identifying, understanding, clarifying, and organizing evaluation needs. The research will be participatory, involving target groups and stakeholders in the conceptualization of the research from the outset. We will seek interaction with the other research clusters and with national and international researchers from different scientific disciplines, as well as with developers, users, and public health stakeholders (e.g., health care providers). The cluster will collaborate on conference papers, scientific publications, grant proposals, and formats to discuss its ideas and findings with the public.

Its purpose is to advance public health and contribute to the overall progress of digital health and evaluation research to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and equity in health care.


Professor Dr Hajo Zeeb
E-Mail: zeeb(at)
Tel: +49 421 21856902
Fax: +49 421 21856941

Project Office

Dr. Moritz Jöst
E-Mail: joest(at)
Tel: +49 421 21856755
Fax: +49 421 21856941


Rasmus Cloes
E-Mail: cloes(at)
Tel: +49 421 21856780
Fax: +49 421 21856941




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