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Thursday, 28 July 2022 12:17

LSC-DiPH develops framework that helps to develop and assess digital public health interventions

Public Health aims to promote and enhance the health status of individuals and communities through collective societal efforts. Recently, several digital technologies have emerged, pursuing the same goal, developing a novel concept: Digital Public Health. Given the rapidly increasing number of health-related digital technologies, a systematic framework is necessary to assess their values from a public health perspective.

The present framework aims to assist developers, evaluators, policymakers and researchers in the systematic development and evaluation of digital public health interventions in public health by providing a comprehensive overview of criteria to assess digital public health interventions.

The framework comprises a set of criteria framed as open-ended questions clustered within domains that will lead interested parties through a broad spectrum of crucial elements when developing and evaluating digital public health interventions.

In total, it consists of 210 questions, structured by 13 domains: 1) Health Conditions and Current Public Health Interventions, 2) Functionality of the Health Technologies, 3) Software Properties, 4) Human-Computer Interaction, 5) Infrastructure and Organization, 6) Implementation 7) Health-related Effects, 8) Social, Cultural and Gender Aspects, 9) Cost and Economics, 10) Legal and Regulatory, 11) Ethics, 12) Data Security and Data Protection, and 13) Sustainability.

For further information see here.