ECRA Member Jennifer Benson

"Critically evaluating digital health promotion approaches for displaced people in low resource settings through a localisation lens."

The research goal is to develop an evidence base for localised digital health promotion approaches for improving health outcomes of displaced populations in low-income settings
In particular, we seek to develop an evidence based outlining the efficiency of the major localised digital health promotion approaches being utilised in contemporary, low-income context crises.
Digital health promotion approaches (DHPAs) are used to engage with vast numbers of displaced people in low-income settings to improve health outcomes. Despite the rapid evolution of digital technologies for this purpose, there is very little public health-led evidence regarding the effectiveness of DHPAs. There is even less evidence focusing on how tailoring, adapting and localising their content can add to their efficiency. 
This research project responds to these gaps in providing an evidence base for localising DHPAs for displaced people in low resource settings. The purpose of this evidence base is to serve public health and humanitarian actors in developing DHPAs according to best practices and lessons learned to be as effective as possible.
Alongside a systematic review of current scholarship on the topic, this project will undertake a thorough examination of health datasets and interviews with developers and implementers of digital health promotion approaches in low-income settings with displaced populations. This will be followed by a process evaluation based on original key performance indicators established as part of this study to understand how localisation can support digital health promotion approaches in their endeavours for healthy outcomes, alongside generalisability and reproducibility in other crisis contexts.
Jennifer Benson
Leibniz-Institut für Präventionsforschung und Epidemiologie - BIPS GmbH
Abteilung: Prävention & Evaluation
Fachgruppe: Sozial Epidemiologie
Achterstr. 30
28359 Bremen

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