About ECRA

The Early Career Researcher Academy (ECRA) fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, knowledge transfer, and networking among early career researchers in Digital Public Health (DiPH). Connecting a variety of scientific disciplines through its active members, the ECRA achieves these collaborative exchange formats and peer support through:

1.    Career and skill training
The ECRA empowers early career researchers by developing their careers in- and outside academia. Members have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through self-organised events, such as workshops and guest talks. Furthermore, members can attend activities organised by other ECRA members to develop skills needed for their current research projects and future careers.

2.    Science communication
The ECRA offers a forum for networking and knowledge transfer that will build bridges between peers and stakeholders from in- and outside DiPH.

3.    Financial support
The ECRA enables career opportunities by offering its members funding for relevant research stays, professional and research-oriented internships, participation in conferences, as well as training programs. This goes for all active members, regardless of their position within the Leibniz ScienceCampus Digital Public Health.

An overview of the individual projects of ECRA members can be found here.