"We want to explore how the relationship between technology and direct interpersonal exchange should be shaped in prevention and what citizens expect from digitization for their health. Building on this, we and our partners will develop completely new concepts for digitization in public health."

Prof. Dr. Hajo Zeeb, Spokesperson of the Leibniz Science Campus Digital Public Health

About us

‘Digitalization permeates every aspect of life and will transform public health’. Such phrases are ubiquitous and underline the key challenge in digital public health: the use of digital technology is driven by technical opportunities rather than by demands. While this can lead to useful applications, it can also lead to technologies that fail to realize the key objectives of evidence-based public health and pose novel ethical, sociocultural and equity-related challenges.

The Leibniz ScienceCampus Bremen Digital Public Health (LSC DiPH) aims to develop a much-needed public health perspective on these challenges. Its activities focus on three key outcomes: a systematic framework to integrate digital technology into public health, guidance on developing digital technology for public health problems as well as the scope and methods for the systematic evaluation of digital technology in public health.


Professor Dr Hajo Zeeb
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Project Office

Dr. Moritz Jöst
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Rasmus Cloes
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